Friday, November 30, 2012

“Doomsday is about Skills”

At some point, probably too late, most of us will realize that the skills we currently possess will fail us miserably if “Doomsday” ever really happens. Over the course of time I want to spend a lot of time on individual skills but first I have to get people interested in the concept.

            I’ve mentioned before, that money is the only thing we currently need in today’s world. Everything we need to live is for sale somewhere at some price. The most essentials things are actually so cheap that we cannot grow or make them economically. It is cheaper to buy them. What happens when we either run out money or the products are no longer available because those that make them so cheaply no longer exist? We still need food, shelter and clothing. If there is nowhere to buy food, no one to build or rent us a house or make us the clothes we like to wear….we’re screwed: Unless of course we have the skills to do each of those things.

            Hoarding is not a long term solution. I will expand on that thought in a later article but for now just take it for what it’s worth and look beyond the hoarding aspects of “Doomsday Prepping”. Once the stockpile starts to run a little thin we must find a way to replenish those things that we are running out of. The first would most certainly be food. The good news is: Of all the things we need to know how to do growing food is the easiest, but it still takes the know-how to do it. It also takes enough vacant land to do it.

            If you currently live in the city, it is time to “get outta town”. One will not be able to survive in a densely populated area for a host of reasons. Hank Williams Jr. had a song out a long time ago called “A Country boy will survive”. One of the lines goes like this: “a shotgun, a rifle and a one eyed dog, a country boy will survive”. He was “right on” with that statement. If you are a “country boy or girl” you know exactly what he means. If not, you need to figure it out.

            The purpose I have for all of this is about helping those who simply don’t understand and to enlist the help of those who do. The good news is: I am a country boy….born and bred and still live out here in the sticks. The bad new is, I don’t possess nearly enough of the skills that I will likely need to survive long term without the current infrastructure in place. My goal over the next few years is to learn those skills and pass them along to you and others like you. My selfish reason for all of the hours I spend thinking and writing is to motivate me into learning those skills.

            This brings me to the title of my first post: Survival as a Hobby.  My new hobby is writing about and learning about the skillset that I will need to possess, if things go really, really bad in our country. If they don’t go really bad, then I will have had a really good time doing all of this: A worthwhile hobby that occupies my mind and my time and provides me a lot of entertainment and self satisfaction. Even if I never lose the ability to head down to McDonald’s for an Egg McMuffin on the way to the grocery store I will enjoy the hell out of building a Dutch Windmill and growing my own tomatoes.

Monday, November 26, 2012

What might happen and when?

Hi all,

We are currently in a recession. Whether or not the "adjusted" numbers point to that fact, few would disagree with my assessment of the current economic situation. For those that still have their job, things are better but do they realize how much buying power they have lost in the past 4 years? Do they realize that this is the longest economic turndown since the Great Depression? Anyone that does disagree with my assessment is free to post and defend their argument. Will it get worse before it gets better? I think so. Rather than argue that point lets return to the realm of philosphy rather than reality.

Can you survive financially if it gets "really" bad? Can you survive physically if it gets "really" bad?  Today, there are a lot of Government programs that will feed your family in the event of a severe financial crisis. What happens if those programs aren't there?  No one can guarantee that you will have sufficient funds to keep your home, keep your family fed and survive the coming economic downturn.

You have to be the one that can ensure your survival. You can attach any meaning to the word survival that you wish. Surviving can be as basic as staying alive or as simple as not losing everything you have if the crash comes. It will mean different things to each of you. The things you can do to prepare for the possible depression is the same for everyone. You don't have to spend a lot of money on the preparation and with rare exception, you shouldn't spend any money that will not benefit you today just as it would in the event of a catastrophe.

Growing a garden and stockpiling food is just as beneficial during the good times as it is during the bad. You will eat better and healthier food if you grow it yourself. Even short term castastrophes require a stockpile of food to get through without major incovenience. Keep at least a months supply of your favorite food source on hand at all times. This should be common sense but look at all those people on Long Island and Staten Island that had no food after 3 days of not being able to go to the grocery store.

I would like to start a discussion on just the sort of things one can do to prepare for "bad times" whether they turn out to be a total economic collapse or a couple of years of a bad recession that catches you this time instead of your neighbor. We all need to think about this because this problem has shown up every so often throughout history. We cannot escape the cycle. Don't be the one that says "I should've". Be the one that says "I did it".

Thanks for reading

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